HMM in discussions to join '2M' with Zim as potential

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) announced on 23 June that it has
entered discussions to join the '2M' VSA formed by Maersk Line and
MSC. According to HMM, its potential partnership with the 2M carriers
“would allow the company to reduce costs, strengthen its service
competitiveness and achieve operational efficiencies.” HMM, will,
however continue to operate a member of the 'G6' partnership until
March 2017, when the current alliance agreement is terminated, to
be replaced by new partnership arrangements in three rival global

The move to join the 2M contradicts HMM’s previous insistence that
its participation in the rival ‘THE’ Alliance is assured despite being
excluded from the initial list of members in the group. According to
Alphaliner sources, Zim could also be roped into an enlarged ‘2M++’
grouping, although the carriers involved have not confirmed the potential
inclusion of a fourth carrier.

Discussions with the 2M carriers are mainly focussed on the transpacific
route, where HMM currently provides around 4.4% of capacity,
while Zim’s share stands at 3.3%. This would add to the current
15.3% offered by '2M', bringing the '2M++' share to some 23%,
against 40% for the future 'Ocean Alliance' and 34% for the future
'THE Alliance'. Numbers are based upon the capacity shares of the
member carriers as at 1 June taken from the Alphaliner database.